SmartRelevance Technology Stack



Knowledge Graph:

At the core of Veveo’s solutions is its patented Knowledge Graph comprising more than 100 million “SmartTags” for specialized vertically segmented data spaces and content catalogs that are used to map content to users queries and needs with amazing accuracy and speed.

  • Dynamic reference of named entities (SmartTags™)
  • Dynamic mapping and cross-mapping of white listed authoritative sources on Internet and within enterprise systems, including de-duplication and disambiguation of entities
  • Customized augmentation for specialized verticals and domains (Custom Knowledge Graph)


Content Graph: 

Mapping of known content catalogs and vertical data spaces to Knowledge Graph elements required to serve content assets from catalogs in response to Conversational Interface queries.

  • Semantic characterization of content item in catalog


Personal Graph:

Personalized contextual learning engine that implicitly learns individual behavioral patterns and interests.  Personal Graphs are highly dynamic, constantly evolving and refined based on user actions.  Personal Graphs map to the Knowledge Graph to enable hyper-personalization required for Conversational Interfaces.

  • Creates concise individual signatures based on statistical machine learning
  • Spatio-temporal modeling of user behavior
  • Location awareness
  • Device awareness
  • Short-term and long-term ‘memory’ attributes


Conversational Query Engine:

Conversational API driven interface to simulate natural language conversation for devices and applications with extremely fast, human-like response times to users’ semantic queries.

  • APIs for multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, TVs, automobiles, others
  • Stateful intent determination (enhanced by Personal Graph mapping) and intelligent context switching
  • Machine learning of linguistic features per vertical data space
  • Intelligent interface for expanded UI/UX capabilities such as personalized home screens, recommendations, collaborative filtering results, and others


Application Interfaces:

SmartRelevance Conversational Platform allows for application and device integration with all the underlying functionality through APIs.  In addition to Conversational Interfaces, the SmartRelevance Conversational Platform supports other types of traditional interfaces, such as remote controls, keyboards and keypads.  These can be easily integrated to deliver amazing results of fast, intuitive and seamless performance in search, discovery and navigation of content, services and applications.