SmartRelevance Conversational Platform for vertical data spaces, built on proprietary technology backed by more than 75 patent applications and 41 issued patents.

Veveo’s technology is implemented in our SmartRelevance Conversational Platform – a services’ platform for connected devices and applications.  The platform is applicable to many different industry segments, such as video and television, mobile, automotive, enterprise, retail/e-commerce  -  and inherently supports multiple languages.

Conversational Interfaces

The combined capabilities resulting from implementing Veveo’s technology stack in the SmartRelevance Conversational Platform enables conversational interfaces that allow users to engage devices with natural conversation.  The devices in turn are enabled to simulate human-like intelligence, and anticipate user intent to converse back with users.

Hyper-Personalization & Context Awareness

Veveo’s technologies are designed for hyper-personalization and dynamic context-awareness as the key requirement to support conversational interfaces on devices and applications.  With or without the use of traditional remote controls and keyboards, Veveo’s conversational interface technologies reduce or eliminate the need for traditional menu driven interfaces for search, recommendation and navigation.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment Models

SmartRelevance Conversational Platform is a hybrid-cloud based software infrastructure applicable to solutions for several industry verticals, such as:

  • MSO, Telco, Wireless Operators
  • Video, Media and Entertainment
  • Enterprise
  • Automotive
  • Ecommerce and Retail
As a result of a flexible and scalable architecture, Veveo’s technologies can be integrated with existing services’ platforms and provide enhanced capabilities without fork lift upgrades.

Dynamic Applications

The SmartRelevance Conversational Platform uniquely enables intuitive, fast, efficient and seamless navigation within large content libraries, whether those reside on a device, within a network, in a cloud, or combinations thereof.  Examples are:

  • Hyper-personalized home screens, dashboards, recommendations or results that automatically update based on time of day, day of week, location or other specific behaviors of the user
  • Quick access and control of device settings without navigating hierarchical menus
  • Quickly finding contacts, listings, documents, places, and others without knowing where they are, or with partial or fragmented information available.  The information may be non-lexical, semantic, or abbreviated.

The platform has been deployed for search and recommendation within large video programming and VoD libraries within MSO and IPTV operators’ systems across more than 40 million televisions in North America, and 45 million smartphones globally.


The SmartRelevance Conversational Platform is designed for flexibility and extensibility across different vertical market segments, a growing number of applications, and simultaneous queries and users. It is built for speed to respond to queries and updates in the world of dynamic information creation.


The SmartRelevance Conversational Platform architecture supports different language options, including Japanese and Chinese languages.

Intellectual Property

Veveo has a growing intellectual property portfolio of more than 75 patent applications with 41 issued patents.