Veveo for Video

InstantVideo is the implementation of the SmartRelevance Conversational Platform for video applications.

The result is hyper-personalized natural language user experiences in finding, accessing and consuming video content across multiple screens – smartTVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops:

  • Within extremely large and deep catalogs provided by PayTV operators and premium online video services
  • Across multiple types of services and content sources, such as Multichannel Linear TV, VoD, online video services, and others
  • Across multiple device platforms, such as set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones, smartTVs and others

Veveo InstantVideo builds on the search and recommendation services already deployed in 40 million homes in North America using the SmartRelevance Conversational Platform.

The underlying architecture of this platform is designed to maintain hyper-personalization and dynamic context-awareness of the user as pre-requisites to enabling conversational interfaces.

As a result, InstantVideo is not just about spoken commands or clever keyword matches within a pseudo conversational user interface – it simulates natural language dialogs with conversational speed, while maintaining intelligence about the user and anticipating users’ intent.

Veveo InstantVideo is for:

  • PayTV operators across linear MCTV, VoD and TV Everywhere programming
  • Online video service providers for web and connected device (smartTV, tablets, smartphones) app interfaces
  • Connected device manufacturers (smartTV, tablets, smartphones) for implementing within their own app stores and 3rd party services and app stores

Why Do We Need This?

With hundreds of linear TV channels, thousands of VoD titles, and millions of online video titles, users are faced with siloed usability options.  Traditional menu driven search and navigation is complex within and across these silos.

Within the intractable maze of menus and configurations, navigational interfaces are also limited in capability.  TV remotes are functionally constrained.  Emerging multi-touch devices, such as tablets and smartphones, will remain of limited utility as touch controllers in this menu dependent environment.

Conversational Interfaces ‘flatten’ these menus to allow users to easily find what they want through talking with their devices, without the need to navigate menus.

How Does Veveo Do It?

Veveo has changed the paradigm with conversational interfaces where input constrained devices, such as TVs and smartphones, are no longer usability constrained.

The required functionality is inherent in the architecture of the SmartRelevance Conversational Platform.  Backed by more than 75 patent applications and 41 issued patents, the content mapping and usability of this stack precludes menu driven navigation.

While traditional user interface and user experience (UI/UX) solutions, including voice interfaces, provide incremental advancements, InstantVideo is a quantum leap into the future of video. As a cloud based solution, InstantVideo operates within legacy architectures and systems of video service delivery platforms.