Veveo for Mobile

MobileAssistant is the implementation of the SmartRelevance Conversational Platform for smartphones, tablets and other connected smart devices.

MobileAssistant makes devices highly user-aware, intelligent and intuitive tools in the hands of users.  The solution elevates the functionality of devices by integrating information across different applications, functions and utilities, while masking the underlying complexity required to navigate menu driven device architectures.

Conversational Interfaces on MobileAssistant flatten these menus to allow users to easily find what they want without the need to navigate to deep settings within layered menus.  Users can access any function, utility, setting, data, or content on the device or connected app simply by speaking or inputting a few key strokes.



MobileAssistant is a learning system that acquires hyper-personalized capabilities based on a user’s unique preferences and behaviors.  Results such as contacts, points of interests, apps, and others are prioritized for searches or recommendations based on each user’s unique profile.

The MobileAssistant builds on the smart search and hyper-personalized functionality already deployed on more than 45 million smartphones globally using the Veveo SmartRelevance Conversational Platform.  The underlying architecture of this platform is designed to intelligently map data across silos of disparate functions, apps and utilities, and deliver highly contextual, user intent driven results with ease and efficiency.

Veveo MobileAssistant is for:

  • Smartphone and tablet OEMs for making smart connected devices truly intelligent and user friendly
  • Enterprises providing knowledge workers easy to use and fast access to relevant enterprise data
  • Automotive industry for Connected Automobiles
  • Application developers creating enterprise or consumer applications
  • Enterprises offering automated customer support and troubleshooting solutions to users


Why Do We Need This?

Smartphones, tablets and other connected devices are complex, multi-functional devices that continue to get packed with more applications, content, and functionality.  Ranging across productivity, communication and entertainment applications, these devices are becoming our most important tether to our connected and social world.

For the most part, such connected smart devices comprise siloed functionality that doesn’t work across functions and applications.  As the device functionality grows, so does the complexity of managing across these silos.

Without intelligent solutions like the MobileAssistant, the utility of such devices does not correspondingly increase because users cannot manage and utilize the myriad of applications and functionality.

How Does Veveo Do This?

Veveo has changed the paradigm with SmartRelevance Conversational Platform where input constrained devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are no longer usability constrained.  Their complexity can be abstracted and usability made natural and intuitive.

The required functionality is inherent in the architecture of the SmartRelevance Conversational Platform.  Backed by more than 75 patent applications and 41 issued patents, the content mapping and usability of this stack precludes menu driven navigation and siloed sources of content and data.

The result is that users derive greater utility from their smart devices and applications, making smart devices truly intelligent and virtually prescient to their users’ needs.