Solutions to simulate natural intelligence on device interfaces


Our solutions are designed to mask the growing complexity of connected-devices and applications, and make their usability simple, elegant and natural.

New Conversational Interfaces – Making Devices and Applications Conversational

Among our pioneering solutions is making devices and applications truly conversational through dynamic context awareness and hyper-personalization.  As smart connected-devices become more complex and multi-functional, Veveo’s ability to abstract this complexity from usability in intelligent and efficient ways becomes a key differentiator and vital success factor for device OEMs and service providers.

Redefining Traditional Interfaces

Whether for conventional remote controls or advanced natural interfaces, such as our speech based conversational interfaces, our SmartRelevance Conversational Platform flattens the menu-driven silos prevalent in the use of smart connected-devices and enables efficient user-friendly solutions.

Multiple Industry Verticals and Applications

Our solutions are designed for deep vertical data spaces where navigation and usability complexity is inherent. These include industries ranging across mobile, video & television, automotive, enterprises, e-commerce, retail, and others.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

The SmartRelevance Conversational Platform is based on a hybrid-cloud architecture, and augments existing media, enterprise, and mobile infrastructures and platforms, rather than replace them.

Proven Commercial Scale

Leading telecommunications, MSOs and wireless service providers, as well as leading smartphone vendors, have already deployed Veveo’s solutions across 40 million televisions in North America and 45 million handsets globally.


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