NEW – vtap QuickSearch for Android

The only personalized UNIVERSAL SEARCH app you can download for finding things on your phone and on the Internet

Now available on Google Play

Find contacts, apps, music, utilities and other essential things on your Android phone quickly and easily with vtap QuickSearch. Just start typing what you want and watch how fast vtap QuickSearch figures out what you’re looking for.

  • Want to set an alarm? Just type ‘alarm’, and the clock application will open.
  • Don’t have the right app on your phone? vtap QuickSearch will point you to the app you need on Google Play or other app stores.
  • Want to quickly turn on Bluetooth? Just type ‘Bluet…’ and the Bluetooth utility on your phone opens.
  • Want to find the number for Joe the Plumber in your phone book? Just type ‘plum…’, and Joe’s number pops up.

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