Defining the future of how people experience devices and applications

With more than 100 million device deployments worldwide through leading device OEMs and Tier 1 service providers, Veveo is redefining how users experience connected devices and applications in natural and intuitive ways.

Veveo is pioneering technologies that enable the implementation of intelligent interfaces for various industries including mobile, video & television, and enterprise. ¬†These interfaces are hyper-personalized, conversational, and dynamically adapt to users’ context.

Veveo conversational interfaces are more than simply spoken commands or speech control.¬† We are making users’ intent and behavior relevant to the conversation, so that our conversational interfaces simulate human-like intelligence and awareness.

With Veveo, talking to devices will be like talking to a smart and informed person on the other side of a screen or connected device who knows your preferences and tastes really well!

With more than 75 patents filed and 41 issued patents to date, we are building solutions that will forever change how users interact with technology.